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Welcome to our renowned Spanish Training School, the ideal place to acquire excellent language skills. Whether you are a student, a professional or a company looking to expand your language skills, we offer online and face-to-face Spanish courses to meet your specific needs.

Our Spanish training school, with headquarters in Milan at the offices Interdialog, was born from our many years of experience and from the collaboration with selected French mother tongue teachers, with qualification and university preparation.

  • Native Spanish-speaking teachers: Work with our highly qualified, native-speaking Spanish teachers, who will give you an authentic and in-depth understanding of the language.
  • Online and In-Presence Spanish Courses: We are aware of your busy schedules and need for flexibility.
  • Personalised Courses: Every individual has unique language needs. Our Spanish courses are custom designed for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced. With individual or group lessons, you will work on specific aspects of the language you want to improve.
  • Spanish Courses for Everyone:  We offer Spanish courses for individuals, students, professionals and companies. Whatever your motivation, we are ready to accompany you on your learning journey.
Contact us today to find out more and book a free consultation. Choose our language school to get a high quality Spanish education, which will lead you to new personal and professional opportunities.

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In our Spanish language learning sessions, a large portion of the time is dedicated to practicing communicating in Spanish. Our teachers gradually involve students in understanding the linguistic rules, guiding them to use them in real contexts.



We have a strong belief in adopting a communicative method for our courses, where language learning occurs through immersion in the authentic language. We believe that the best strategy for learning linguistic rules is to deduce them from direct experience and the practical use of the language itself.



Our teachers exude a positive energy and possess excellent communication skills to guide students towards achieving their personal goals in the Spanish language. Creating a positive bond with the teacher makes it easier for the student to achieve goals.
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How do we select our teachers?


Our Spanish mother tongue teachers

If you want to learn the Spanish language effectively and authentically, selecting the best native Spanish teachers is essential. Our online and face-to-face Spanish language courses offer a team of highly qualified and competent teachers, ready to guide you on your learning journey. Here are the main characteristics that our Spanish language teachers possess:

  • Native Spanish Teachers: Our native Spanish teachers are the true experts of the Spanish language and culture. Thanks to their native command of the language, they will offer you an authentic experience and accurate pronunciation.
  • Communication Skills: Our Spanish language teachers have excellent communication skills. They will be able to explain complex concepts clearly and guide you in practicing the Spanish language in real situations.
  • Positive Attitude: Our teachers are passionate and motivated to share their knowledge of the Spanish language with students. Their positive and encouraging attitude will create an inspiring and motivating learning environment.
  • General Culture of Uses and Customs of the Spanish Society: In addition to the language, our teachers have a solid knowledge of Spanish culture. They will be able to share with you information about the culture, traditions and customs of the Spanish society, thus enriching your learning experience.

Choosing the best native Spanish teachers is essential for achieving optimal results in your Spanish language learning journey. Join our Spanish language courses and let our qualified teachers guide you to linguistic success.

Contact us today for more information. Start your journey to Spanish fluency with the best native teachers at your disposal.

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