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Spanish Beginner Courses A1 A2


Spanish Beginners Courses

Welcome to our from the ground up Spanish language courses, designed specifically for you, the absolute beginner. It’s time to discover the meaning of A1, A2 level Spanish courses for beginners.

The Spanish Course A1, also known as the “discovery” level, is the opportunity for you to start building your language skills. You will learn to express yourself in everyday situations and understand simple sentences. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable using basic expressions and introducing yourself and others.

The Spanish course A2, or “survival level”, will allow you to communicate in simple and familiar situations and to describe aspects of your personal and environmental life. This level will further deepen your knowledge, making you more confident and fluent in your Spanish.

Each of our Spanish language courses for beginners is designed to build on the previous one, allowing you to progress in a systematic and confident way. You will have the full support of our experienced native Spanish teachers throughout your trip.

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Intermediate Spanish Courses B1 B2


Intermediate Spanish Courses

If you already have the basics of the Spanish language and are ready to immerse yourself in more complex Spanish conversation, our Spanish Courses B1 and B2 are the perfect choice for you.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), level B1, known as the “independent level”, is the point at which students begin to navigate the Spanish world independently. In this course, we will give you the tools to deal with most situations you may encounter while traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. You will learn to create simple text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest and express opinions on current topics.

The Spanish B2 course, or “threshold level”, will take you beyond basic skills. This level is designed for those who wish to communicate with a certain fluency and spontaneity. You will be able to understand complex texts in Spanish on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical debates in your field of specialisation.

Both of our intermediate-level courses will prepare you to deal with a wide range of situations, from everyday interaction to reading the news and writing formal emails. With the assistance of our experienced native Spanish teachers, you will have the opportunity to hone your skills and gain more confidence in your Spanish.

Advanced Spanish Courses C1 C2


Advanced Spanish Courses

These courses are designed for those who wish to achieve a high level of proficiency in the Spanish language, in order to be able to speak Spanish fluently and understandably.

Our C1 Spanish Course is the “autonomous level”. This level offers students the opportunity to express themselves spontaneously and fluently, without obvious difficulty in finding expressions. It will guide you in understanding complex and long Spanish texts, and will allow you to express clear and well-structured ideas on complex topics.

The Spanish Course C2, known as the “proficiency level”, is the highest level of proficiency in a foreign language according to the CEFR. It is ideal for those who want to reach a near native level in the language. It will allow you to understand practically everything you read or hear, to reconstruct information and arguments from different sources, and to express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and with precision.

Through a holistic approach to teaching, we combine classroom lessons, real practice exercises and cultural activities to create an authentic and engaging Spanish learning experience. Our native teachers, with their experience and dedication, will be able to guide you on your journey towards mastering the Spanish language.

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