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Trial Spanish Lesson: Free Registration

Would you like to receive a trial lesson?

Usually, for the purchase of a package of at least 20 individual lessons we offer the “trial lesson” formula. In this case, the registration costs for the Spanish course are free,  you pay for the package of Spanish lessons you have chosen and if, after the first lesson, you are not satisfied, you report it on the day himself to get a refund. In this case we expect the reimbursement of the package less one lesson.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to benefit from a set of trial Spanish lessons. This opportunity will allow you to have a practical experience of our Spanish language lessons, evaluating the experience and quality of our team of native Spanish teachers.

You will also have the opportunity to receive an accurate assessment of your current level of Spanish and your understanding of the language. This analysis will allow us to create for you a personalized study plan, optimal for the progress of your linguistic path.

Our main objective is to guarantee our students maximum flexibility and high didactic quality, among the best available in the sector.

Online Spanish Test


Find out your Spanish level for free

We have created an effective and complete Spanish language assessment test, consisting of 20 questions, to verify your skills and guide you in choosing the training solution that best suits your needs .

This will allow you to select the most suitable path from the variety of Spanish courses we offer, based on your current level. Find out now your level of Spanish proficiency through our free online test.

Are you ready to take the online Spanish test? click the button below.


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