Spanish courses for children

Courses for Children


Spanish courses for children

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce your children to learning the Spanish language, our Spanish Courses for Children are the ideal solution.

Led by highly qualified native Spanish teachers, our courses offer a stimulating environment in which children canlearn and have fun at the same time.

Spanish courses for children are specially designed to meet the needs and learning levels of the little ones. The lessons are interactive, engaging and based on fun activities that encourage the active participation of children. We use innovative pedagogical methods that encourage the development of children’s language skills, including listening comprehension, correct pronunciation and the acquisition of basic vocabulary.

Participation in our Spanish courses for children offers a number of advantages. In addition to learning the language, children will have the opportunity to develop cognitive, social and cultural skills. Learning a second language from an early age improves children’s problem-solving skills, creativity and mental flexibility. Additionally, exposure to a new culture enriches their understanding of the world and promotes open-mindedness.

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Kids courses 4-12 years


Spanish courses for children 4 - 12 years

Our Spanish courses for children are divided into age groups, in particular we have designed Spanish courses for the age group ranging from 4 to 12 years. Each lesson is structured to involve children through fun and interactive activities such as games, drawings, music, comics, mimicry and videos. These diverse teaching approaches ensure that your childrenlearn the Spanish language in a playful and engaging way, promoting greater motivation and active participation.

Our native Spanish teachers are experts at interacting with children and creating a comfortable and stimulating learning environment.

Learning a second language promotes mental flexibility, creativity and openness to new cultures and perspectives. Furthermore, having a solid foundation in Spanish will open up future opportunities for them in their personal and professional lives.

Don’t miss the opportunity to let your children learn the Spanish language from an early age. Our Spanish Courses for Children aged 4 to 12 offer a safe, fun and educational environment for them to grow their linguistic and cultural skills. Places are limited, so contact us now to guarantee the participation of your children.

Spanish certifications


Spanish language certifications

Courses for teens 13 - 17 years


Spanish courses for teenagers 13 - 17 years

Do you want to give your kids a competitive edge in the global world we live in? Then don’t miss the opportunity to enroll your teenager in our exclusive Spanish courses for teenagers aged 13 to 17.

Discover the advantages of our Spanish language courses for teenagers:

  • Native Spanish teachers: Our courses are taught by highly qualified native Spanish teachers. Children will have the opportunity to learn the language directly from the source, acquiring authentic pronunciation and a deep understanding of Spanish culture.
  • Interactive and engaging approach: Children will have the opportunity to participate in real conversations, practical exercises, games and cultural activities that will make learning the new language a fun and stimulating experience.
  • Individual or small group courses: We offer the flexibility of individual or small group courses . Individual courses allow students to receive personalized attention and to progress at their own pace.
  • Targeted Learning Pathway: Our learning program has been designed specifically for teenagers, taking into account their learning needs and areas of interest.</li >

Don’t waste your precious time! Enroll your teenagers in our Spanish courses for teenagers and offer them a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. Knowledge of the Spanish language is a fundamental requirement in many fields, from economics to tourism, from diplomacy to international trade.


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